Expecting! Ali & Kyle – Chandler Maternity Photography

Chandler Maternity Photography by La Luz Photography

This weekend I flew down to Phoenix to photograph my cousin’s wife, who is expecting their first child next month!  While I had visions of super warm weather, I was surprised that temps hung out in the 50s!  No matter – the light (the most important part!) was superb at all times of day.  Stay tuned for photos of newborn baby Gage in May!

The light!!


In Gage’s nursery.

We had to put Dozer (their dog) out of the bedroom to keep him out of photos, so here’s what he did:  let himself out the sliding glass door to go pee right in the background of our shot.  That’s what I call revenge.  And hilarious.Sweet Doz.

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  • Eliza - These are so gorgeous, Aly!