365 Project – Days 27-46.

Day 27.
We put off Henry’s first dentist visit as long as we could. He has major, major doctor anxiety and we were advised to wait until Henry turned three for his first visit. Well, he’s not quite three, but today was the big day. And he made me SO proud. He was so brave and did everything that was asked of him, even when he was a little fearful. We’re talking about a kid who vomits when he sees the doctor, so this is HUGE! Way to go, H-man!

Day 28.
Nathan & Elise.
Ben, Henry and I went down to Vancouver, WA to see Ben’s brother Nathan and his fiance Elise, who were visiting from Brazil! It was their first trip to the states in about three years. We had a nice time catching up this weekend, and of course taking tons of photos!

Day 29.
Aiden (Ben’s sister’s son) was my first real photography subject. I guess you could call him my muse! After he was born I realized I couldn’t keep my camera off of him. The photographs I took of Aiden were what inspired my family to encourage me to go to photography school. Without Aiden, there might not be a La Luz, so I have much to be grateful to him for. Not to mention the fact that Henry absolutely adores him, and he might be the sweetest 7-year old nephew of all time.

Day 30. (WOO HOO!)
There are a few kitchen tools I can never have enough of: wooden spoons, spatulas and whisks. I bought this whisk last weekend because, I’m sorry, what’s more fun than a multi-color whisk? Not much. Can’t wait to whip something up with it! Scrambled eggs, anyone?

Day 31.
This is exactly where I wanted to stay this morning. As I went about our morning routine I had daydreams about laying in bed all morning with the light spilling in through the window while I clipped magazines for a new collage I want to start. But instead I made the bed (which is, in my opinion, so much less poetic looking than when it’s unmade) and let Amos and Fitz have it to themselves.

Day 32.
Another morning shot.
In the morning our house is dramatic, light-wise. All of our windows are east-facing (because we’re in a 5-plex) so we get some gorgeous morning light coming in over Lake Washington. I don’t know why I haven’t messed around with more morning photography, because that’s some lovely light to work with. And also, who needs pants, anyway?

Day 33.
Dick’s, for you non-Seattle folk, is the best fast food you’ll ever consume. We now live dangerously close to one of their locations and I have to limit myself to going only once every few months. Today was my day, and it was delicious. Henry especially approves of their french fries. The best!!

Day 34.
The Rope.
Today I went with Henry’s preschool class on their fieldtrip downtown to the International District. They were on a hunt for dragons and rabbits, to celebrate Chinese New Year. One of my favorite parts of the outing was watching the kids walk on “the rope”. Henry has a love/hate relationship with “the rope”, as I’ve heard from his teachers that he cries when they get it out, but he’s happy he gets to go fun places. It’s amazing how many comments “the rope” elicited from passers by!

Day 36.
My brother and his girlfriend introduced me to Glo’s about a year ago, and after one bite of my Belgian waffle, I was a believer. Glo’s is my favorite breakfast place, ever. The wait is always long. The service is rarely friendly. But the waffles? The waffles ALWAYS rock.

Day 37.
New recipe week.
I set out to plan this week’s menu and decided I would try all new recipes for each of the dinners. Initially I thought I would go totally out of my comfort zone and do all Pioneer Woman recipes (I really don’t love her), but my reasons for not liking her were reiterated as I tried to find healthy recipes on her blog (and had to just keep on clicking when I saw her blog post about loving George Bush).

So I picked a few of hers (meatloaf and lasagna) and went elsewhere for the other recipes. Looking forward to 4 days of new meals and then my old go-to Cobb salad recipe on Friday.

Oh, and Happy Superbowl?

Day 38.
In case you didn’t get the memo, I’m accepting requests for 365 subjects. If there’s something you want to see – let me know! My friend Anne requested (among other things) a portrait of Henry’s favorite toy. These 3 are at the very tip-top of his list. In case you aren’t familiar (and obviously don’t have an almost 3-year old boy in your home) these guys are from the movie Cars, which Henry adores. Heaven forbid we lose/misplace a Mader or a Lightning McQueen before bedtime – pure devastation until it’s found!

Day 39.
I photographed Kash and Joslyn’s wedding in 2009, and I got to see Kash again today at a commercial shoot I was doing. Loved all the texture in the metal grating.

Day 40.
Moody subject.
Henry woke up from his nap pants-less and with adorably crumpled hair. Voila, I thought! A super-cute picture of the day! Ha. I didn’t know what it was gonna take for me to actually get the shot. First, he ran and hid behind my bedroom mirror. Then he scowled, demanded a piece of chocolate popcorn in exchange for the photo and finally decided he’d show me his belly button for the picture. (??) Oh well, at least I got my shot! Pull-ups, scowly face and messy hair included.

Day 41.
Phoning it in.
Today, I’m exhausted. Had a long commercial photo shoot at 3 different locations starting at 8am. I’m tired. So, enjoy this photo of a bench, located in an orthopedic surgeon’s office in downtown Seattle. Riveting, eh?

Day 42.
Let’s get baking.
It’s no secret that I love to bake, but what you might not know is that for as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to learn to decorate cakes. I’m not interested in piping roses, but I am interested in fondant and gumpaste. In preparation for Henry’s 3rd birthday party, I decided I’m gonna make a few cakes. Today I went to the cake decorating supply store and picked up high-ratio shortening, fondant, cake boards, sprinkles, offset spatula, decorating turntable and clear vanilla extract. Stay tuned for my results!

Day 43.
Little whale.
This whale is for the cake I’m currently working on. My big regret is that I didn’t give Henry’s baby nursery a whale theme – I think whales are so sweet! So, instead I’m making a cake, and putting a whale on it. For no real reason. So there.

Day 43.
Little whale cake – the finished product.
Yay! I finished my cake. I’m really happy with how it turned out. It wasn’t perfect, but hey, this was my first time covering a normal (i.e. non-mini) cake in fondant, so I deserve a little wiggle room, right? And the best part? I got to eat fondant! 🙂 We enjoyed my cake today at a little Valentine’s Day party we had with two of Henry’s buddies. It’s my favorite holiday – pink and hearts everywhere!

Day 45.
Valentine’s Day!
We’re headed out for a Valentine’s Day dinner, so I made sure we got our picture of the day before leaving. My picture today couldn’t have been of anyone other than Ben. I’ll avoid the pure mush, but he and I have been through so much over the past year and have come through it all even stronger. I love him to pieces and wouldn’t want anyone else as my partner in life. Also, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that he is the most amazing dad to Henry, who is also crazy lucky that he got Ben for a dada.

Day 46.
Henry is getting to the age where he’s beginning to drop the occasional nap. Often times it’s really handy, as it means we can head out for a longer play date and not be too worried about him missing the sleep. While I’m embracing that new freedom, there’s also something so wonderful about seeing him snoozing away in his bed in the afternoon. Sweet Bubs.

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