Slice of Life

When do your kids wake up?  7am?  Not too early for me.  I’ll be there at 6:45am.  I’ll knock softly.  Don’t worry about your hair.  That’s what this is all about.  

Let’s spend four hours together documenting your day.  I’ll be a fly on the wall.  Everyone want to cuddle in one big bed together?  Super.  You make the pancakes and I’ll photograph the toes on the stool and the tiny fingers wrapped around the wooden spoon.  (I promise not to steal even one.  Pancake, that is.)  

Brush those teeth, jump on the bed, build a fort.  PLAY.  I’ll be there every second clicking away.  This is your life.  Really, truly your life.  

You don’t have to plan outfits or worry about a thing.  This is a documentary shoot in its purist form, and in the end you will have a 10×10 album that you can someday hand down to your children and say “You aren’t a child anymore, but one morning, when you were 3, or 5, or 8, this is what we did.  This is what our family mornings looked like sometimes on weekends.”  This is a gift you can give to your children.  A snapshot of their childhood, a glimpse back to a time when running around in Frozen pajamas or Superman underwear was just the very best.  When adulthood hadn’t hit them yet.  

This is an heirloom unlike anything else you could possibly give.  

A true priceless gift.