Hitched! Travis + Bri – Suncadia Winter Wedding

Suncadia Winter Wedding

01-suncadia-winter-weddingVenue:  Swiftwater Cellars at Suncadia Resort

Makeup Artist:  Off White Makeup and Beauty

Gown Boutique:  The Dress Theory

Dress Designer:  Modern Trosseau

Jeweler:  Menashe Jewelers

DJ:  Lucky 7 DJ

Cake Artist:  Cake Chic Studio

Florist: Wedding Events & Parties

Photographer:  La Luz Photography


I was introduced to Bri and Travis by another one of my gorgeous couples, Rachel and Matt, and oh, I feel so lucky.  This couple was so fun to work with and their wedding was chock-full of style, glitz, glamor and grace.  I was in (chilly) heaven.  While Bri anticipated a snowy wedding (hello – January in Cle Elum), the weather had other plans.  Bri wasn’t phased in the slightest and the day went off without a hitch (gorgeously, I might add).  I’m so excited to share these images with you.  Enjoy!

02-suncadia-winter-wedding03-suncadia-winter-wedding04-suncadia-winter-wedding05-suncadia-winter-weddingCheck the bling.  Yeah.  06-suncadia-winter-wedding07-suncadia-winter-weddingFavorite:08-suncadia-winter-weddingLook at the adoring faces of the bridesmaids watching in the background.09-suncadia-winter-wedding10-suncadia-winter-wedding11-suncadia-winter-weddingLove Bri’s mom’s face in this shot.12-suncadia-winter-wedding13-suncadia-winter-weddingThe guys, so dapper in their cardigans.15-suncadia-winter-wedding16-suncadia-winter-wedding17-suncadia-winter-wedding14-suncadia-winter-weddingTravis has the best laugh.18-suncadia-winter-weddingTime for the first look, but how could I resist these?  And how amazing is that bouquet?!19-suncadia-winter-wedding20-suncadia-winter-wedding21-suncadia-winter-weddingFavorite.  Maybe of the day.22-suncadia-winter-weddingBri wore an antique fur of her grandmothers and it was just so, so stunning.  Here she is presenting Travis with a locket containing a picture of his mother. Such a sweet, touching gesture.23-suncadia-winter-weddingShe was with him the whole day.24-suncadia-winter-wedding25-suncadia-winter-wedding26-suncadia-winter-wedding27-suncadia-winter-wedding28-suncadia-winter-wedding29-suncadia-winter-weddingWe found a frozen lake and I was in heaven.  So wintry and lovely, and how gorgeous with Bri’s fur and Travis’ cardigan?  30-suncadia-winter-wedding31-suncadia-winter-wedding32-suncadia-winter-wedding33-suncadia-winter-wedding34-suncadia-winter-weddingBri gave her girls the fur neck wraps which were so warm and cozy with their glitzy dresses.  It all just worked.  That’s Bri, for you.35-suncadia-winter-wedding36-suncadia-winter-wedding37-suncadia-winter-wedding38-suncadia-winter-wedding39-suncadia-winter-wedding40-suncadia-winter-wedding41-suncadia-winter-weddingTime for the I Do’s.  42-suncadia-winter-weddingThe backdrop was spectacular, the vows were perfect, and they were married by a dear friend.  Perfect trifecta.43-suncadia-winter-wedding44-suncadia-winter-weddingFavorite:45-suncadia-winter-wedding46-suncadia-winter-wedding47-suncadia-winter-wedding48-suncadia-winter-wedding49-suncadia-winter-weddingSuch joy.50-suncadia-winter-weddingImmediately following the ceremony we had a few minutes to play in the barrel room.  I loved it there.51-suncadia-winter-weddingFavorite:52-suncadia-winter-wedding53-suncadia-winter-weddingThe reception was opulent and rustic – the perfect combination.  The favors were candles, made by hand by Bri, Travis and their family and friends from wine bottles!  Ben and I felt like we won the jackpot when we found out there were two with our names on them!54-suncadia-winter-wedding55-suncadia-winter-wedding56-suncadia-winter-wedding57-suncadia-winter-wedding58-suncadia-winter-wedding59-suncadia-winter-wedding60-suncadia-winter-wedding61-suncadia-winter-wedding62-suncadia-winter-wedding63-suncadia-winter-wedding64-suncadia-winter-wedding65-suncadia-winter-wedding66-suncadia-winter-wedding67-suncadia-winter-wedding68-suncadia-winter-wedding69-suncadia-winter-weddingOne of my favorite first dances.70-suncadia-winter-wedding71-suncadia-winter-weddingFavorite x2.72-suncadia-winter-weddingFavorite x100.73-suncadia-winter-weddingAn emotional dance with dad.74-suncadia-winter-weddingA sweet dance with sister.75-suncadia-winter-weddingAnd then that sister dance turned into an all-around sibling dance.76-suncadia-winter-wedding77-suncadia-winter-weddingThe gorgeous couple who introduced us to Bri and Travis!  Thanks, Rachel and Matt!  We love you guys!78-suncadia-winter-wedding79-suncadia-winter-wedding80-suncadia-winter-wedding81-suncadia-winter-wedding82-suncadia-winter-wedding83-suncadia-winter-wedding84-suncadia-winter-wedding85-suncadia-winter-wedding86-suncadia-winter-wedding87-suncadia-winter-wedding88-suncadia-winter-weddingA little late-night hot dog action.89-suncadia-winter-wedding90-suncadia-winter-weddingSister hug.91-suncadia-winter-wedding92-suncadia-winter-weddingAnd then it was time to bid adieu to our beautiful couple as they jetted off for an adventurous safari honeymoon.  Lucky ducks.93-suncadia-winter-wedding94-suncadia-winter-wedding95-suncadia-winter-wedding96-suncadia-winter-wedding

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  • Bri Marie - Aly, I couldn’t love these photos any more than I do. You captured everything so beautifully and it feels like reliving my amazing day over and over when I look at them. Can’t wait to have them up on every wall in the house 🙂

  • Lanyding - Your wedding dresses is so gorgeous and exquisite. Thank you for sharing.