Adorable! Sam is One – Bella Luna Farms Family Portraits

Bella Luna Farms Family Portraits


So first I photographed Elizabeth and Phil when they were expecting baby Samuel.  Then I got to photograph them again when baby Samuel was in the world.  And this time I got to photograph them when Samuel turned ONE!  How could I not count myself as one of the luckiest photographers around?  I love everything about Bella Luna Farms, but these three are at the top of my list.  Enjoy!


01-bella-luna-farms-family-portraits03-bella-luna-farms-family-portraitsFavorite:04-bella-luna-farms-family-portraits06-bella-luna-farms-family-portraits05-bella-luna-farms-family-portraitsLove these two:07-bella-luna-farms-family-portraits08-bella-luna-farms-family-portraitsSo Samuel has a thing for Stinky, the miniature donkey at Bella Luna Farms.  I think it’s a fascination/kind of scary thing.  I loved watching the two of them check each other out.09-bella-luna-farms-family-portraitsBig smiles with Dad!10-bella-luna-farms-family-portraitsFavorites:11-bella-luna-farms-family-portraits12-bella-luna-farms-family-portraits13-bella-luna-farms-family-portraits

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