Hitched! Abbie + Ali – Volunteer Park and Palace Ballroom Wedding

Volunteer Park and Palace Ballroom Wedding


01-volunteer-park-palace-ballroom-weddingHere’s another monster blog post for you!  It’s so hard to hold back on sharing images that I just adore…so I don’t!  Abbie and Ali are a sweet couple – both transplants to the pacific northwest.  I loved their sense of style and how much they loved to laugh together.  As you’ll see in the images below, these two are ALWAYS laughing.  Their dance floor rocked harder than any I’ve seen in a while, and all of the multicultural elements of their wedding were amazing.  Oh, and the glittery gold table linens were kind of awesome too.  (Or, a lot awesome.)  Enjoy!


Ceremony venue:  Volunteer Park Dahlia Garden

Reception venue:  The Palace Ballroom

Beauty:  Yessie Libby Hair and Makeup

Wedding Planner:  Simply by Tamara Nicole

DJ: Integral DJs

Cake & Macarons: The Sweetside

Dress(es):  Nordstrom

Shoes:  Badgley Mischka

Flowers: LaVassar Florist

Transportation:  British Motor Coach & Beeline Tours

Linen and chair rentals: A Tailored Affair

Officiant:  Forever Together Seattle

Invitations:  Aerialist Press

Jewelry: Warwick Jewelers

Sofreh Aghd elements: Pretty Please Designs

String Quartet: Puget Sound Strings

Videography:  5 Mile Films

Yessie doing her thing to make Abbie even more gorgeous for her wedding day.02-volunteer-park-palace-ballroom-weddingA ladybug on Abbie’s dress!  If that isn’t good luck, I don’t know what is.03-volunteer-park-palace-ballroom-wedding04-volunteer-park-palace-ballroom-wedding05-volunteer-park-palace-ballroom-weddingAbbie is a big knitter, so I especially love the details shot on the right.06-volunteer-park-palace-ballroom-weddingAli’s mom and Abbie’s Grandma. Love these two shots.07-volunteer-park-palace-ballroom-wedding08-volunteer-park-palace-ballroom-wedding09-volunteer-park-palace-ballroom-weddingOh, hello bling!  Sidenote: one of my favorite parts about weddings (aside from the dresses!  and flowers!  and schmoopiness! is getting to ogle gorgeous jewelry.  Abbie’s ring was stunning.)10-volunteer-park-palace-ballroom-wedding11-volunteer-park-palace-ballroom-weddingFavorite.  Favorite.  Favorite.12-volunteer-park-palace-ballroom-weddingBig laughs on our way to see Ali for the first look in the dahlia garden.13-volunteer-park-palace-ballroom-wedding14-volunteer-park-palace-ballroom-wedding15-volunteer-park-palace-ballroom-wedding16-volunteer-park-palace-ballroom-weddingFavorite:17-volunteer-park-palace-ballroom-wedding18-volunteer-park-palace-ballroom-weddingAli looked so dapper.  Love his black and white tie contrasted with the vibrant fuchsia rose.19-volunteer-park-palace-ballroom-weddingI can’t decide which of these two images I like better.  That dress had so much movement and life to it.  And that veil!  And those flowers!  20-volunteer-park-palace-ballroom-wedding21-volunteer-park-palace-ballroom-wedding22-volunteer-park-palace-ballroom-wedding23-volunteer-park-palace-ballroom-wedding24-volunteer-park-palace-ballroom-wedding25-volunteer-park-palace-ballroom-weddingFavorite:26-volunteer-park-palace-ballroom-wedding27-volunteer-park-palace-ballroom-wedding28-volunteer-park-palace-ballroom-wedding29-volunteer-park-palace-ballroom-wedding30-volunteer-park-palace-ballroom-weddingAbbie and Ali’s wedding ceremony included a Sofreh Aghd which paid tribute to Ali’s Persian heritage.  Ben and I could not get enough of the details.  Look at those spices.  Everything on the table was incredible, and each item held special meaning.sofreh wedding ceremonysofreh wedding ceremonysofreh wedding ceremony34-volunteer-park-palace-ballroom-wedding35-volunteer-park-palace-ballroom-weddingI love that Abbie had a long way to walk to get to the aisle.  36-volunteer-park-palace-ballroom-weddingHow proud does her dad look here?37-volunteer-park-palace-ballroom-weddingAlso adore the expressions on the right.38-volunteer-park-palace-ballroom-wedding39-volunteer-park-palace-ballroom-wedding40-volunteer-park-palace-ballroom-wedding41-volunteer-park-palace-ballroom-wedding42-volunteer-park-palace-ballroom-weddingThen there was the sugar grating ceremony, where women in attendance at the wedding were invited to come grate two sugar cones together over the couple to wish a sweet life for the newlyweds.  Not only was this part of the ceremony very touching, it also provided ample opportunity for amazing photos. 43-volunteer-park-palace-ballroom-wedding44-volunteer-park-palace-ballroom-wedding45-volunteer-park-palace-ballroom-wedding46-volunteer-park-palace-ballroom-wedding47-volunteer-park-palace-ballroom-weddingFavorites:48-volunteer-park-palace-ballroom-weddingPost-ceremony the guests were offered a macaron.  How sweet is that?49-volunteer-park-palace-ballroom-weddingLike I said: so much laughter!  50-volunteer-park-palace-ballroom-wedding51-volunteer-park-palace-ballroom-weddingAnd now we’re onto the details.  Oh, the endless details.  Everything was meticulous.  From the glitter linens (!), to the four-tiered cake, to the floral centerpieces.  Everything was in its place and everything was breathtaking.gold glitter wedding tableclothCandy at your seat when you arrived.  What’s better than that?!  And mercury glass votive holders don’t hurt anything, either.53-volunteer-park-palace-ballroom-wedding55-volunteer-park-palace-ballroom-wedding56-volunteer-park-palace-ballroom-weddingSimple, elegant and completely refined gold-foil wedding invitations.  navy and gold wedding invitation suite58-volunteer-park-palace-ballroom-weddingA martini, rock candy and some gorgeous jewelry?  Okay!59-volunteer-park-palace-ballroom-weddingThe couple arrived to the reception in style thanks to British Motor Coach.  And who knows?  This may be the same Rolls Royce Ben and I rode home in after our wedding 9 years ago!60-volunteer-park-palace-ballroom-wedding62-volunteer-park-palace-ballroom-wedding61-volunteer-park-palace-ballroom-wedding63-volunteer-park-palace-ballroom-weddingI was beyond geeked out to get the monorail in this shot.  I think Abbie and Ali got a kick out of that.64-volunteer-park-palace-ballroom-wedding65-volunteer-park-palace-ballroom-wedding66-volunteer-park-palace-ballroom-wedding67-volunteer-park-palace-ballroom-weddingMore details.  Abbie is from Philadelphia, so the love blocks are only fitting.  68-volunteer-park-palace-ballroom-wedding69-volunteer-park-palace-ballroom-wedding70-volunteer-park-palace-ballroom-wedding71-volunteer-park-palace-ballroom-wedding72-volunteer-park-palace-ballroom-wedding73-volunteer-park-palace-ballroom-weddingOh, the desserts.  Not only were the guests given delicious cake from the Sweetside, there were also many mini-desserts by Tom Douglas.74-volunteer-park-palace-ballroom-weddingBlueberry tartlets…75-volunteer-park-palace-ballroom-weddingMini coconut cream pies…76-volunteer-park-palace-ballroom-weddingMeringue!77-volunteer-park-palace-ballroom-weddingTo honor Abbie’s heritage, the couple performed a Hawaiian lei ceremony and then danced to a Hawaiian song to open up the dance floor.78-volunteer-park-palace-ballroom-weddingFavorite:79-volunteer-park-palace-ballroom-wedding80-volunteer-park-palace-ballroom-weddingAli’s mom rocked it!81-volunteer-park-palace-ballroom-wedding82-volunteer-park-palace-ballroom-wedding83-volunteer-park-palace-ballroom-wedding84-volunteer-park-palace-ballroom-wedding85-volunteer-park-palace-ballroom-wedding86-volunteer-park-palace-ballroom-weddingThis dance with grandpa definitely got my waterworks going.87-volunteer-park-palace-ballroom-weddingWhen he shook Ali’s hand and said something poignant to him I kind of lost it a little bit.  Such a sweet interaction. 88-volunteer-park-palace-ballroom-wedding89-volunteer-park-palace-ballroom-weddingThen Abbie surprised everyone by coming out donning an entirely new gown – all sequins!  She looked incredible and the guests loved it.90-volunteer-park-palace-ballroom-weddingSo did Ali.  Can you tell?91-volunteer-park-palace-ballroom-wedding92-volunteer-park-palace-ballroom-wedding93-volunteer-park-palace-ballroom-wedding94-volunteer-park-palace-ballroom-wedding

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