Emily, Ben, Max + Sylive – Seattle Outdoor Family Photography

Seattle Outdoor Family Photography


We were asking a lot.  We knew that going in.  It was cold, and it was windy, but man did these kids rise to the occasion.  Yeah, Sylvie got a little bit chilly, and Max a touch restless, but they were photogenic the entire time.  That part never stopped.  I love this family.  I’ve said to Emily many times that I love photographing Max especially because he’s almost the exact same age as Henry.  I “get” Max.  It’s like hanging out with  my own kid, and that’s pretty awesome.  Enjoy this fabulous family.


Dear Max.storyboard001Sweet Sylvie.storyboard002Off to the Volunteer Park stage for some fun antics!storyboard003Sylvie is currently in love with dance performance dresses, so we obviously had to try to involve them.  Only problem being that A) it was around 40 degrees and B) Sylive, like most of us, doesn’t like to be cold.  But there were some golden moments and expressions!storyboard004Favorite:storyboard005storyboard006storyboard014storyboard013Favorite:storyboard012A change into a different dance dress, a hop over some awesome cowgirl boots and then…storyboard010Tears.  🙁  Too darn cold.storyboard011Max LOVES chess.  It was really fun to watch he and Ben play a little.storyboard009storyboard008storyboard007Favorite:storyboard015So happy to be bundled up!storyboard016storyboard017storyboard018

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