Hitched! Kara + Jed – Pickering Barn Issaquah Wedding

Pickering Barn Issaquah Wedding

01-pickering-barn-issaquah-weddingKara and Jed had a crazy beautiful wedding day last month.  It was chilly, yes, but dry and sunny.  And none of that mattered anyway, because these two were so beyond excited to marry each other.  There are tons of gorgeous details in this wedding.  Enjoy!

Venue: Pickering Barn – Issaquah, WA

Church: St. Joseph Catholic Church – Issaquah, WA

Dress: Bellevue Bridal

Baker: Honey Crumb Cake Studio

Florist: Loves Me Flowers

Beauty:  Salon Maison

Jewelry:  Harry Winston & Dacels Jewelers

DJ:  The Wedding DJs

Photographer: La Luz Photography

02-pickering-barn-issaquah-wedding03-pickering-barn-issaquah-wedding04-pickering-barn-issaquah-wedding05-pickering-barn-issaquah-weddingI absolutely adore the look on Jed’s face here.  06-pickering-barn-issaquah-weddingWhat is more wintery and gorgeous than a fur muff and caplet?  Amazing.07-pickering-barn-issaquah-weddingRight = Favorite.08-pickering-barn-issaquah-wedding09-pickering-barn-issaquah-wedding10-pickering-barn-issaquah-weddingLove these two:11-pickering-barn-issaquah-weddingAnd then THE BARN!  Oh, how I loved the color of this barn.  12-pickering-barn-issaquah-wedding13-pickering-barn-issaquah-weddingKara’s bling.  Check out those incredible Harry Winston earrings.  Drool.14-pickering-barn-issaquah-weddingJed wasn’t looking so bad himself.  Such a handsome dude.15-pickering-barn-issaquah-weddingA beautiful moment when Kara read Jed a letter she had written him (and afterward gave him an awesome watch).16-pickering-barn-issaquah-weddingThe boys.17-pickering-barn-issaquah-weddingThe girls.  How much do you love their dresses?!18-pickering-barn-issaquah-weddingActing…goofy?19-pickering-barn-issaquah-weddingThat’s a little better!20-pickering-barn-issaquah-wedding21-pickering-barn-issaquah-weddingFavorite:22-pickering-barn-issaquah-weddingKara’s insanely beautiful bouquet.  Kendra really outdid herself on this guy!23-pickering-barn-issaquah-weddingSt Joseph’s church was so lovely inside.  Full of natural light, which made my photographer heart pitter patter.24-pickering-barn-issaquah-weddingWe caught Jed’s dad lighting a candle and saying a prayer for the couple.  So beautiful.25-pickering-barn-issaquah-wedding26-pickering-barn-issaquah-wedding27-pickering-barn-issaquah-wedding28-pickering-barn-issaquah-weddingThe ceremony was a full Mass, and full of sacred, poignant moments.29-pickering-barn-issaquah-weddingAnd then they were married!!  Look at those happy faces.30-pickering-barn-issaquah-weddingAnd this one!  (P.S.  Totally adore the bell-ringing pic on the right)31-pickering-barn-issaquah-weddingA few details at the reception.32-pickering-barn-issaquah-weddingThe guests threw salt at the couple as the exited.  Clever, huh?  No clean-up!33-pickering-barn-issaquah-weddingThe beautiful reception room.34-pickering-barn-issaquah-weddingMore of Kendra’s amazing talent.35-pickering-barn-issaquah-weddingAnd this cake.  OH MY GOODNESS.  Yes, I yelled.  I loved it.36-pickering-barn-issaquah-weddingIn fact, we have Carla of Honey Crumb Cake Studio to thank for all 500+ desserts on this buffet.  She’s one talented lady, that Carla!37-pickering-barn-issaquah-wedding38-pickering-barn-issaquah-wedding39-pickering-barn-issaquah-wedding40-pickering-barn-issaquah-wedding41-pickering-barn-issaquah-wedding42-pickering-barn-issaquah-weddingPossibly my favorite ring shot of all time.  Wait… I’m pretty certain that it is.  43-pickering-barn-issaquah-wedding44-pickering-barn-issaquah-weddingThe toasts were so sweet, and I loved seeing Jed, a normally quiet and introverted guy, really laugh.45-pickering-barn-issaquah-wedding46-pickering-barn-issaquah-weddingAnd then his brothers toasted.  I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house as he told a very heartwarming story from Jed’s infancy.47-pickering-barn-issaquah-weddingJed’s mom snuggled into his dad midway through the toast.48-pickering-barn-issaquah-weddingAnd Jed’s other brother finishing off the toast.  Like I said – not a dry eye.49-pickering-barn-issaquah-wedding50-pickering-barn-issaquah-weddingA fun dance with her brother.51-pickering-barn-issaquah-wedding52-pickering-barn-issaquah-weddingGarter time!53-pickering-barn-issaquah-weddingAnd a little surprise for Jed!54-pickering-barn-issaquah-weddingWhee!55-pickering-barn-issaquah-wedding

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