Alphabet & Farmers Market – An unconventional post

I recently stumbled upon the blog A Design So Vast, which I’ve really loved reading.  Just today the author posted this post, which is an alphabet meme.  I thought it would be fun to do here on my own blog.

And because my blog wouldn’t be a blog without photos, I’ve woven in images taken yesterday of my haul from the Madrona Farmers Market.  Such beauty in the seasonal fruits, veggies and meats.  Wow!

A: Attached or single?  Attached.

B: Best friend?  I have a couple of very close friends, for whom I am extremely grateful!

C: Cake or pie?  Hmm, to bake, or to eat?  I am pretty much obsessed with cake baking.  Eating it isn’t bad, but I loooove apple pie.

D: Day of choice?  NOT Mondays.  Mondays are tough for me.  Maybe Tuesday is my favorite day of the week?  It kind of depends on the week.  I cherish the days where I can be a homebody and just work, go for a walk, etc.

E: Essential item?  Gosh, it feels like there are many.  But, as I’m sure many of us would admit, I would be a fish out of water without my cell phone.  Sad, but true.

F: Favorite color?  It was always pink.  I mean, always.  But I just don’t know anymore.  I kind of like them all.

G: Gummy bears of worms?  Bears.  The red ones.  And never the yellow ones.

H: Hometown?  Lake Forest Park, WA.

I: Favorite indulgence?  Haagen Das Coffee Ice Cream.

J: January or July?  July.  January can be so dismal.

K: Kids?  Our one and only Henry!

L: Life isn’t complete without?  Family.  I can’t imagine my life without them.

M: Marriage date?  June 11, 2005.

N: Number of siblings? One brother, who lives just too far away in San Francisco.

O: Oranges or apples?  Mandarin oranges.

P: Phobias?  Octopus.  Although it’s not something I obsess about.  I just hate them.  And eels.  OMG eels.

Q: Quotes?  I love “Comparison is the thief of joy”.

R: Reasons to smile?  When Henry belly laughs it’s the best thing in the whole world.

S: Season of choice?  Fall, hands down.

T: Tag 5 people. Instead I’ll just say: I hope some of you will share this alphabet, and link to it in the comments!

U: Unknown fact about me:  I asked Ben and he said “You used to live with chickens.”

V: Vegetable?  Brussels Sprouts.

W: Worst habit? Criticizing Ben and Henry for chewing/gulping too loudly.

X: x-ray or ultrasound?  I don’t get the question.

Y: Your favorite food?  I could never choose.  Ever.

Z: Zodiac sign?  I’m a libra!

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