Goosebump Images – Gina & Jesse

Despite being married in September (normally one of our most reliably dry and sunny months!), Gina and Jesse weren’t blessed with perfect weather. Luckily, the raindrops that fell the morning of their wedding stopped in time for the ceremony, but the grounds were still a little wet. I had my eye on this row boat from the minute I stepped onto the Sander’s Mansion property. I thought Gina and Jesse would look so sweet, serenely paddling around the pond. Gina and I talked about it and decided to nix the idea because the boat was all wet inside. No big deal; we got tons of other amazing images and I felt complete.

Then, after the ceremony, Gina looked at Jesse, looked at the row boat, turned to me and said something along the lines of “screw it”. And in they went. Oh, my little photographer heart was so happy. When I captured this image, well, you know how the story goes: it was magic. And I think it’s worth noting that of the series of images we took of the couple in the boat, THIS is the goosebump image. The one of them lazily paddling around and smooching was sweet, but this image is the one that stopped me in my tracks. It wasn’t the image I had pre-visualized in my head – it was the image Jesse and Gina created for me. They did all the work. I just had to be there to grab it.

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  • Susan - Oooh this photo is gorgeous! Love the reflection and the happy moment!