10 Years! Rena + James – Portraits at Pike Place Market

Portraits at Pike Place Market by La Luz Photography


Rena and I have been friends since I was in the 9th grade. We were so close for awhile we started referring to each other as “pea”, as in “two peas in a pod”. I adore this woman. She is hilarious, genuine, up for serious conversations and silly, last-minute drives to IKEA for no reason. She loves the Shins, the color purple and I think she and I have both grown out of our old love of Taco Time bean burritos (blech) and the Dixie Chicks. Our history makes me so happy and talking to her always reminds me a little bit of who I am.

Rena and James are celebrating their 10 year wedding anniversary this year!! To celebrate, they came up from Tacoma to stay a night at the Inn at the Market and enjoy some touristy time in the city followed by a delicious dinner at Ruths Chris. I’m honored they wanted to squeeze in a photo shoot to memorialize the big day.

Rena and James – here’s to 10 more happy years. Love you both!

Favorite.  Is Rena’s hair not the most amazing you’ve EVER seen?


Her laugh is contagious, and I think his might be, too.

The gum wall!  Rena and James had never seen the gum wall, and once we walked down there, we agreed about how disgusting it is.  Yet, we still took a picture in front of it…

These next two are my top favorites.  Their personalities just shine.

Oh, beautiful Rena.

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  • Amy - Nice work Ali! I like the bottom 4 best!