Goosebump Images – Corinne + Tom

In life, and in work, I’m part of a team. My other half, Ben, is hugely instrumental in the capturing of a wedding day. We started out with him assisting me at weddings, and quickly it became evident that not having him shoot was a tragic waste of his innate photography talent. I’ve shared this before, but I think it’s worth sharing again: when all is said and done, one of my very favorite parts of the process of photographing a wedding is when I get to sit down in front of my monitor and see, for the very first time, what Ben captured. His way of seeing, of observing, of capturing a wedding is so very different than my own.

Ben is the quiet observer. The one who could probably go through the whole wedding having less than 5 conversations with people. It’s not because he’s disinterested, it’s because he’s watching. Ben sees so many beautiful, simple moments at the wedding that I often miss because I’m busy orchestrating large group portraits or running the show in some other way. Being the second shooter allows Ben the flexibility to just simply be there and capture what captures him. His images always move me.

This image of Ben’s from Corinne & Tom’s wedding gave me goosebumps from head to toe. As is generally the case, Ben hadn’t met the groom prior to photographing his getting ready process. The room where the guys were getting ready at The Sanctuary at Admiral was very low-light and somewhat cramped. Not ideal working conditions, but Ben is a master of making the most of what he’s given.

I love how subtle this image is. The use of the light coming in through the door and how your eye is first drawn there, and then you shift over to see Tom adjusting his tie. I love that Tom already had his wedding ring on. I love that Ben saw all of that and made art of it.

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