The First Coyote Central Guest Chef Tuesday!

In addition to weddings and portraits, I love donating my services to worthy causes.  I’ve driven past Coyote Central about a zillion times (totally precise estimate, there) and finally decided I’d reach out and see if there was anything I could help with.  I was delighted to learn that they wanted someone to photograph their monthly Guest Chef Tuesday.  Their very first Guest Chef Tuesday was hosted on February 7th.  Chef Paul Hyman of Marjorie was in the kitchen (along with two Coyote Central kids), and being somewhat of a foodie myself, the gig was a blast.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Coyote Central and their mission, here’s some information directly from their website:

MISSION: Coyote Central cultivates competence and creativity in adolescents through projects with professionals in the studio and out in the community.

Coyote Central has served over 11,000 students since 1986, earning the Mayor’s Arts Award in 2008 for excellence. Hit the Streets participants have made major public art installations in many urban neighborhoods, including corridors of public art along both 23rd Ave. and Martin Luther King Jr. Way in the heart of the Central District. CityWorks student have created over twenty site specific art installations as commissions for national conferences, store display windows, commercial lobbies, and promotions for citywide events. The quality of both Hit the Streets and CityWorks projects out in the community is proof that Coyote participants not only rise to but surpass high expectations.

And here is some information on the Guest Chef Tuesdays:

The goal of Coyote’s youth culinary program is to give all kids respect for good fresh food and the know-how to prepare it well.   Thanks to the generosity of our local chefs, these events help make that goal a reality.

Enjoy these photos, and expect many more in the future!



This is the artist Joe Max Emminger, who hung an art installation just for the event!It was really awesome for the guests how interactive they got to be with the Chef.  Chef Paul was such a friendly, outgoing guy – he was chatting it up with guests all throughout the evening!

coyote central guest chef tuesday photographed by la luz photography

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