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It’s not exactly wedding season here in Seattle, but that doesn’t mean that weddings aren’t on my mind.  To keep us all in the wedding spirit, I’m beginning a new bi-weekly blog feature called Goosebump Images, where I’ll feature one (or a few) images from past weddings that gave me that I have come to call “goosebump images”.  These are photographs that have stuck with me throughout the years and I feel are worth revisiting.  Enjoy!


If you’ve worked with me before it probably won’t come as a surprise to hear that I shoot weddings for a very specific reason: I am so moved by the emotional intensity of the wedding day.  I frequently cry at the weddings I photograph.  That part is a little embarrassing to admit, but luckily I have my big camera to hide behind when I feel the tears coming.  Being present during the wedding day means that my most important job is to nab those emotions and record them as heirlooms.  I thrive on it.  I adore it.  I am better at my job because of my interest in the emotion.

Take this image series from Lindsay and Mark’s wedding, for instance.  Lindsay and Mark were married in 2009 at the Pine River Ranch in Leavenworth (original blog post here).  Once we finished up the formal photographs we had a few minutes of downtime.  I was standing near the barn catching my breath before it was time to get ready for the ceremony, when I noticed something important beginning to unfold in front of me.  Silently I raised my camera to my face and began snapping.

It turns out I was photographing a very special moment in Lindsay and Mark’s history.  Mark’s uncle had approached Lindsay and presented her with a pair of earrings that used to belong to Mark’s late aunt.  Mark was clearly surprised by the gesture, and the swelling of emotion was just palpable.  I remember clearly walking away once it was over and shaking my head.  In disbelief and with a spirit of gratitude I though to myself “I just got to witness that.  That was important.  This is why my job is so important.”



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