Goosebump Images – Ashleigh & Jeff – Wedding at the Seattle Yacht Club, Seattle Wedding Photography

When I think about powerful moments in past weddings, Ashleigh & Jeff’s event comes to mind quickly.  Ashleigh and Jeff were married in August of 2008 (wedding here).  Their ceremony was set to be on the large grass lawn of the Seattle Yacht Club, and the day started out beautiful.  Then, the sky opened up and down came the rain.  And we’re not talking a little drizzle.  The rain on Ashleigh and Jeff’s wedding day was epic.  As people were racing around trying to figure out what to do, people kept coming to Ashleigh to ask questions: “Do you want to wing it and try to be outside?”  “Should we move everything under the tent?”  Finally she said with absolute certainty, “I just want to get married.”  It was a beautiful moment that really illustrated Ashleigh’s true intent for her wedding day, and that moment in particular has stuck with me over the years since her wedding.  As brides, we spend so much time focused on the details: the flowers, the music, the food, etc.  But when it really comes down to it, it’s not about any of that.

And the good news?  Ashleigh and Jeff were rewarded with gorgeous (DRY!) weather for their outdoor cocktail hour.


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