Engaged! Cory + Julie – Engagement Photography at Golden Gardens, Seattle Engagement Photography

Seattle Engagement Photography by La Luz Photography

Cory, Julie and I met up last weekend for a super-chilly engagement session.  After about 10 minutes, I don’t think any of us even noticed the chill (except maybe Chester, the dog, who was shaking like a leaf!).  Cory and Julie are an awesome, fun-loving couple.  They were so much fun to shoot, and were up for anything!  I mean hello, the final shot of pictures??  Pure awesome, and so THEM!  Enjoy these, and stay tuned in 2012 for pictures from their rockin’ wedding.  Cory described Julie as “a ham”.  I call her “photo gold”.

Those tights just killed me.  Love them!


Favorite.  So snuggly!

I loved having Golden Gardens (almost) all to ourselves.  We had free run of the beach, and rarely did we see another person!


I think this will go down in history as one of my favorite engagement images of all time:

Enter: spandex jumpsuits.  Yeah, you read that right!!  Julie and Cory went to a party a few years back dressed as Mexican wrestlers, and apparently the jumpsuits still get a lot of use!These are my kind of superheroes.

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  • jenny - i LOVE this two – so so so much fun – who else could pull off the spandex?!

  • Erin - These are some truly wonderful looking shots. They look like an adorable couple!

  • Heather - I absolutely LOVE your all time favorite photo as well. I love these two with all my heart and am beyond happy to see them so in love. 🙂 Totally can’t wait for the wedding!

  • Meredith - Fuck yeah!

  • Katie - LOVE these photos!

  • Bonnie Thomas - JULIE! I am elated to know you and Cory will be married this coming summer. The photos of you both together represent true happiness, joy and love! CONGRATULATIONS!

  • Chris Strickling - love these photos! i am so happy for both of you. enjoy.

  • Stacey - You two are made for one another. Cory, I’m so glad for you that you found someone to dress in spandex with. Julie, I’m so glad that you found someone to dress in spandex with. See what I mean? Match made in heaven. So happy for you both. The love and adoration you share is evident and these photographs are beautiful and romantic…. and those last few and fierce! 🙂 Love you both. ~Stacey