65 Project – Days 164-200

Day 164.
A little sneak peek.
I’ve been working very hard on something… here’s a sneak peek!

Day 165.
Say hello to my newest quilt top. WOW was this a lot of work. I mean, a LOT of work. So gratifying to see it all pieced together. I’ve got it all basted and am in the midst of quilting it. Once it’s done, I’m taking a break. Need to find a new outlet for my creative energies. Suggestions?


Day 166.
A good door.
There’s not much I love more than a good door.

Day 167.
Date day with Henry.
Henry doesn’t have camp on Fridays this summer, so I’ve decided that he and I will have a date day each week. We started this morning with breakfast at the Hi-Spot here in our neighborhood (don’t recommend that place) and then we were driving through the arboretum on our way to the zoo when Henry asked me if there was water in the arboretum. We spent the next few hours exploring the arboretum and it was wonderful. So peaceful. The shopping that followed wasn’t bad, either! 😉

Day 168.
Baby Bear.
This is Berit. Isn’t she lovely? I had a wonderful photo session with her and her parents today, celebrating her 6 month birthday.


Day 169.
Henry in Grandpa Meiser‘s Corvette.
Happy Father’s Day! To celebrate, Henry got to sit in my Dad’s Corvette. He was pretty stoked about it. I think Dad was pretty excited to see him in there, too! So grateful for all the great dads today!

Day 170.
An outtake.
From 9:30am-3:30pm I was busy with a commercial photo shoot. By the time that was over, I was ready to head home and sit on the couch with a blanket and some TV. Unfortunately, I had a flat tire in the parking garage and didn’t make it home until nearly 8pm. By that time, I was in no mood to take a POTD separate from the shoot I did all day, so here you have it: an outtake. Enjoy.

Day 171.
Happy Summer Solstice!
Ahh, the first day of summer. And it actually feels like it! So thrilled for some warm weather. Henry got a baseball bat yesterday and has been loving the lessons Ben has been giving him. Reminds me of my childhood, playing baseball with dad in the yard!

Day 172.
Hello, moth.
Yesterday I passed my bedroom window and there was a moth. Picture of the day material? I think so!

Da 173.
Violet Femme.
Tonight Ben and I had dinner at the Skillet Diner and went out for a drink afterward at Tavern Law. Oh, this was the most magical cocktail I’ve ever had. Ever. In 29 years. The Violet Femme. Try it – I insist

Day 174.
Two snoozers.
Tonight I was sitting on the couch, deeply entrenched in a game of Bejeweled (oh yeah). When I looked up, I saw both Ben and Fitz snoozing away. And that’s how you know it’s Friday. 🙂 P.S. Yes – the light of my sewing machine is one, indicating the fact that I have been sewing. I know I said I was done with quilts for the time being – I think I lied!

Day 175.
Haley in the vineyard.
Haley and I decided to skip town for a night and escape to the relaxation of Washington wine country. While our trip was not without hiccups (hello, lost yurt reservation…), we had a wonderful time and most importantly, I think we both relaxed! I mean, in a setting like this, how could you not?

Day 176.
New office setup.
While I was gone, Ben was a rockstar and rearranged my office for me. Before, the desk with the computer was in front of the windows, and because I refuse to cover the windows with curtains (blocking the view), I wasn’t able to get much work done in the mornings. Now I have a sewing/craft table in front of the window (notice the three finished quilt tops under the table…), and the computer is unaffected by morning sunshine. Woo hoo!

Day 177.
Reading with monkey.
Henry is in love with his Richard Scarry book about firefighters. I thought it was so sweet the way his monkey (that I actually made at Build-A-Bear for Ben when we first started dating) was sitting with him while he flipped through the story. Such a sweet boy.

Day 178.

Day 179.
Snacks with monkey.
So this whole monkey thing has really grown over the past few days. Now Henry’s absolute favorite thing to do is talk directly to monkey and have us speak in his place. In fact, as I type this, Henry is out in the living room saying “Monkey?? Monkey??” as if he’s trying to get his attention. It’s also become a little more involved now that monkey also needs to eat. And needs silverware. At least we know H has a great imagination! And yes, our table really was that dirty. Didn’t add it for effect. 🙂

Day 180.
My guys.
My intention was for today’s picture of the day to be of my finished circle quilt, which I got back today from the amazing Mandy Ahava Duvall, who did the free-motion quilting and binding for me, but when I saw this pic, it was the winner. My two guys being so supportive and holding up the quilt for me to photograph. You can see lots of the beautiful free-motion quilting!

Day 181.
Tonight I walked down to Leschi park and laid on the grass for awhile. It was nice to have some quiet time, and the weather was perfect for it. I took this while I laid there.

Day 182. (HALFWAY!!)
Corinne & Tom.
I present to you, the freshly married Corinne Kuchling & Tom Cummings. Aren’t they a fabulous duo?

Day 183.
The first look.
Today was Andrea Bendiksen & Joshua Colwell‘s wedding. We started our day at the WAC where the girls got ready and we did the first look. We asked the family/bridal party to stay in the suite while the first look took place out on the balcony. I turned around for a split second after the bride and groom saw each other for the first time to see this scene. Joyful, happy faces of people who absolutely love Andrea and Josh. The love was palpable!

Day 184.
Fourth of July.
Ben and I enjoyed spending our first Fourth of July with Henry this year! For the past three years we’ve had weddings, so it was really great to be with him today. Of course there was tossing. It’s kind of our thing. Is he not an awesome firework?

Day 185.
If you know Henry well, you know he doesn’t really do fruit/veggies. All of a sudden he decided he liked blueberries. Really?! Just out of nowhere like that? Must be the gorgeous summer weather inspiring his branching out. Whatever it is, I’ll take it. Two notes: don’t mind the bangs – Ben decided to attempt a haircut. (?!) And don’t mind the black eye either.

Day 186.
Summer is here. Fresh popsicles every day (thanks, Zoku!), blueberries in the mouth, sun on the shoulders, bikes on the deck.

Day 187.
First snip.
This morning I had a photo shoot at a barber shop. That was a first for me! Saturday’s groom invited me to photograph him and a few of his family members getting all spiffed up prior to the wedding. The barbershop held particular significance, as the groom’s soon-to-be father-in-law has been getting his hair cut there for the past 35 years. And perhaps the most exciting moment of the morning was when the bride’s 9-month old nephew received his first “haircut” from the barber who has been cutting her dad’s hair for the past 35 years. I was honored to capture that moment.

Day 188.
IPA + Rose.
Not a bad way to kick off a weekend of weddings & portraits. And while I’m updating this on Saturday morning, this is in fact Friday’s POTD and those drinks were consumed last night – not this morning! 🙂

Day 189.
Rebecca Ehrlichman & Grant.
From my very first meeting with Rebecca prior to her wedding, it was made very clear to me that their wedding day was centered around their ceremony. That was the meat of their day. Yes, they were looking forward to their party, but the big moment for them was when they stood in front of their family and friends and exchanged vows. I loved this shot of the congregation’s hands raised in support of the newly married Rebecca and Grant. Congratulations, you guys.

Day 190.
I’ll be here all day.
Oh, so much to edit. After an early morning photo shoot I made a pit-stop at Honore in Ballard to pick up some fuel for my long day of editing. There may or may not be far fewer macarons in that box than there were when the pic was taken, but I’m not telling.

Day 191.
The saddest kind of mess.
I was attempting to hang a quilt from the mantel so I could photograph it and CRASH, down came the Glassybabies. Bye bye, Celadon and Brother. 🙁

Day 192.
Kitchen assistant.
I’ll be totally honest and admit that I rarely have the patience to cook with Henry. I wish I did, but the reality is that most of the time I don’t. I’m working on it, though, and today he and I made frozen yogurt pops in the Zoku. It was a quick project (baby steps!) and Henry loved squeezing the limes and stirring in the bananas. The only bummer was that the mixture wasn’t liquid enough and therefore failed in the Zoku. Oh well. At least we cooked together!

Day 193.
Spontaneous fountain swimming.
Tonight we took Henry up to Cal Anderson park to play for awhile before bed. The minute he saw the wading pool and fountain, we lost him. There was no keeping him from the water. Luckily it’s a warm, beautiful night (despite today’s chill and rain!) and he had a great time for an hour. I think the best part was stripping him down to his underwear and letting him run through the park back to the car. That’s how you know you’re a kid in the summer!

Day 194.
Camping prep.
We’re off tomorrow for our annual camping trip with our friends the Krugs. Can’t wait to get our boys out into the dirt for a weekend! Of course it’s almost as much work to prep for camping as it is to actually go – but that’s okay. I whipped up some goodies today (pasta salad and cupcakes – naturally) that we’re sure to enjoy out in wilderness. Friday, Saturday & Sunday’s POTD will come on Sunday when we’re back to civilization. Happy weekend!

Day 195.
Boys will be boys.
What’s the best part of camping? If you’re a 3 year old boy, it’s peeing outside. P.S. Love how Henry is scratching his hiney. Nice, Henry. Nice.

Day 196.
Ben and Henry at the Little Naches River.
It was beautiful for about 3 hours yesterday. We soaked up some sun on the banks of the Little Naches River. We event went in – but it was freezing!

Day 197.
Latest pic yet.
Tonight I took my POTD at 9:10pm. That’s my latest yet. I slacked today when we got back from camping and decided at the last minute to go grocery shopping. So here’s the view from the Whole Foods parking lot at 9:10pm. I’ll do better tomorrow.

Day 198.
This is what was going on in the kitchen while I cooked dinner tonight. Crayons everywhere! Can’t really complain about them wanting to do art together, though. Well… maybe I complained a little, but only because I didn’t want to break my neck slipping on Crayons!

Day 199.
Dinner for two.
Ben had to work late last night, so H and I were on our own for dinner. While I was reallllly tempted to just go out to eat, I had committed myself to cooking each night this week, so I stuck to my plan. It was kind of nice eating at home, just the two of us!

Day 200. (!!!)
I pass this stop sign every morning when I take Henry to preschool. Today I noticed there was something different about it. I promise I didn’t affix the sticker, but I don’t promise that I wouldn’t have, had I had the stickers! Best stop sign, ever.

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