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Engaged! Tara & Howard – Engagement Photography at Gasworks Park, Seattle Wedding Photography

If I had to choose one word to describe these two, it would have to be FUN. They took no time warming up to the camera and were immediately full of laughter and affection. Due to the crazy weather (rain one second, full sun the next) we pretty much had Gasworks to ourselves, and we…

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  • bärbel - This is going to be one fabulous wedding. Both groom and bride have a smile that makes me want to laugh with them.

  • Andrea - Oh for heaven’s sake, I don’t know the last time I saw a cuter couple. Those smiles are contagious!

  • Cara Carlson - What a cute couple! In #2 she looks just like Emile de Ravin (Claire) from Lost.

Adorable! Oliver (and family)

This was such a fun session. I met Andrea quite some time ago at a Saturday Stroller Strides class. She’s quite possibly one of the nicest people you’ve ever met. I can’t believe how big Oliver has gotten! He’s now 18-months old and cute as a button. He’s even got a little brother on the…

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An announcement.

I am so excited to announce my new partnership with A Family For Every Child (AFFEC), an organization that helps foster children find their forever homes. A representative from AFFEC contacted me directly asking if I would be willing to donate my services for this worthy cause. My partnership with AFFEC has me driving to…

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  • Cassie Taylor - You rock. I’m so honored to have you do my photos. Really.

  • Christy Obie Barrett - I started this organization and I can’t tell you how important photographers like you are to us. Thank-you for joining our team.


And the winner is…

Congratulations to our TWO winners! With 30 entries, I decided I had to select more than one winner. Didn’t win? Don’t fret! To show our gratitude for the outstanding participation, we’re offering a 15% discount on a portrait session for all participants. When you e-mail to book your session, please mention the facebook giveaway.

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Portrait Session Giveaway!

To Win: * Please comment on this blog post, telling me about your dream photo shoot with me. Give me the details! Where? With whom? Any props involved? How would you want your shoot to be different and unique? Any aspects of your personality you’d like to incorporate into your shoot? What makes this shoot…

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  • Shauna Garthe-Wargo - Ok Lets see if I can get all of this LOL My dream session would be with me and my kids. I want to do something special for my hubby who is not here right now since he is in Basic training for the Army. He wont be back til August sometime. I know he is missing the kids a TON and me as well. I would LOVE to do a shoot somewhere outside, that has some nice OLD buildings like a barn. I would love to do a “country” type shoot since I am a country girl at heart. But I would also want a cherry tree in the pics. The colors of the cherry trees are just stunning. I dont really know how it would be unique, personally I think all pictures are unique, they say a picture is worth 1,000 words but I think a picture is worth more memories than anything else. I would love to have a session that captures the beginning of spring, mine and Justins fav season. The flowers starting to bloom, the trees all starting to come back. It is just the perfect time, so serene.

  • Jenni Scharf - Wow, Aly … that is a tough one. For me it depends on the season. In the spring, I’d love to take the kids to the Tulip Festival in Skagit Valley and let them run through the flowers! I have always wanted to do a photo shoot there. But in the fall I have always thought dressing the kiddos up in their rain boots and coats and finding the most puddled parking lot around to jump, splash and get messy would be a blast! In the winter a trip to the mountains would be a blast to sled in the snow for a photo shoot! But some of my favorites (as you know) have been done in my backyard! I’d love to do that and invite all the moms in my life over for a Mother’s Day shoot with thier kids just playing and being moms/kids. So, my kids would be the main attraction and the a beautiful Washington outdoor locaiton would be perfect!

  • sarah lynch - Congrats on 400 fans Aly! That is fabulous and much deserved.

    Believe it or not, we haven’t had any professional pictures taken of the three of us since Nelia was born. So my dream photo shoot would be of our family. It would be fun to get some pictures of just Patrick and I, pictures of us with Nelia, and of course some pictures of the sweet girl by herself (which would be fun to use on her 1st birthday party invites).

    We love the outdoors so we would love pictures taken up at Mt. Rainier or the ocean – just a really natural, pretty setting. Oooh…or Bellingham! Patrick and I met in Bellingham so it has special meaning to us. Oooh….better yet! The Tulip Festival would be a really pretty background for pictures.

    We would absolutely incorporate orange into our shoot in memory of my brother. Other than that, no special props.

  • lindsay bagley - I’ll bite! Your photos are gorgeous and I’d love to have you come do a family session in our new home (we close April 13). We’re going to live on .75 acre in Bothell in what is basically our dream home. The kids will have an awesome yard to play in and we get to enjoy the quiet, rural peace. Joy! Props… nothing else other than our sweet kids (ok maybe the dog can join). I’ve taken up photography as a hobby of my own but never have photos of me so a session with you would allow me to be photographed with my family. Emmett turns 1 in one month and Owen will be 4 soon so we were hoping to get some spring shots of the famil somehow – then we’ll be able to put them up in our house to enjoy. thanks aly!

  • Chelsea Martin - Sooo…Steve and I were going to discuss this with you during our appointment on the 30th, but instead I guess I’ll tell you about it now. We are considering a non-traditional approach to our rehearsal dinner. We both really like the idea of buying a box at a Mariner’s game. I love sporting events and who doesn’t love a good ol’ baseball game?! It’d be a fun way for both of our families to get to know each other and grow closer. And even better if someone was there to capture it for us. I don’t even know if it’s possible. But I love the idea. :]

  • Jody Knight - Hmmm, can I jinx myself and say that I’d love a maternity shoot? I’ve always wanted one, and even scheduled one last time, but ended up in the hospital the week before. I have nothing but silly pictures I took of myself in the mirror of when I was pregnant! I see all these beautiful maternity pics and I wish I had something like that. I really like the ones of the families just out and about, at a park or something. And the silly ribbon around the belly. And even the making a heart over it. I’m a sap, what can I say?

    If I, sadly, don’t need maternity shots, I’d love another round of pics of my girls. Maybe they’d even cooperate and smile. Alice is a little ham, now!

  • Rebecca - Well, the family’s been well photographed lately…I’d love to capture the excitement of this June, when my sweets and I graduate from graduate school. We’re throwing a good ol’ BBQ in my parents’ backyard, where his family and mine and all of our friends will be able to gather, enjoy some delicious eats and drinks, and hopefully be able to listen to some sweet blue grass music (contract with band is pending). This is an exciting time for us – both finishing up this degree, Grant starting in on his PhD, and me finding a job where ever he decides to study (TBD soon!). Thanks, Aly!

  • Sara - Well, right now, it would be a newborn shoot. I’m due in April, and since you did such a great job for us waaaay back in ’06 (or was it ’07?) it’d be great to have you do them again!

  • eryn boyles ilk - you did an amaaaaaazing shoot with our family last summer, when my little girl was only 3 months old. i love to do another shoot this coming summer, for about a year later. our first photo session was in our home, which was great! i’d love to take on a theme of “family growth” and do a few shots in/around a home, and then also possibly down at the park a block away. something to show all of the beauty and fun involved in our everyday lives.
    Aly – you did such an amazing job for us last time around and we absolutely cherise the photos you took – we cannot WAIT to work with you again and for years to come.

  • Michelle Bainter - My dream shoot would for my son’s 2nd birthday. I’d love to have some pictures of him outside, laughing, and playing in the sun, to commemorate his official entrance into toddlerhood. 🙂

  • Kate Davila - My dream photo shoot with you would be a family shoot – involving myself, Tito and our new baby boy (who will be here sooner than we think!) Probably something outside with (hopefully) beautiful Seattle weather! 🙂

    The only props I can see would be baby related items. The thing that would make this shoot special to me would be just having my family (in its new dynamic) there. It would make such a great and unique transition to motherhood and fatherhood for us. We’re going to be taking so many photos of this new little guy, so it would be nice to have some professionally taken photos done.

  • Laurie - How fun Aly! I would love to do a family shoot (Husband, baby, bulldog and me) at Lincoln Park in West Seattle. Matt and I had our official wedding on the beach 2 years ago this April and it would be nice to show how much our family has grown since then. Logan is so curious about everything these days it would be fun to take him down there…plus the bully love to get dirty and play in the water 🙂 Love the shots with the ferry in the background.

  • Amanda Ream - Yay Aly!

    I was just dreaming this up about a week ago… funny you should ask! 😉 I would love to pack up my 2 kids and Husband and go do this hike off of I90 called “Rattlesnake Ledge”, it’s a kid friendly short hike with amazing views at the top and the pretty Chester Morse Lake/reservoir at the bottom. I would also bring a big blanket to throw on the ground and pack a yummy picnic, this would be the perfect family outing! It would be so fun to capture my family doing something fun together and it’s kind of sentimental since my husband and I got married on a beautiful hike. The outdoors are always a great backdrop for pictures! Congrats on 400 Aly!

  • Christina Barzare - I’d love some family pictures. Going out on a beautiful sprung day with flowers a bloom. My little girl frowlicky about. My husband and I looking on with love and joy.

  • Adrienne - I was sent your photography from a friend and I’m so glad she did. Your work is beautiful. We haven’t had family pics for 5+ years(son was 5 months and it was a mall place) and we now have a second child. I would love to get them in Post Alley at Pike’s place- I think the cobblestone streets and graphic art on the walls would be a great background for our pictures. My son is now 6 and my daughter is 2, so would love individual and pics of them together too and of just my husband and I. Artsy but casual, fun and candid pics- you have to go with that when you have young kids!

  • Candy - You’ve photographed my son, his wife and their two boys on several occasions and I LOVE the photos so much! They are always natural, creative, emotional – and we need more of them!

  • Jennifer DeMare - I have wanted a photo shoot with you for quite awhile, your photos are so inspiring and creative! I would love to have a family shoot (only 3 of us..or more if you add our dog and guinnea pig) and hopefully a few shots of the grandparents, the bond that my son shares with them is priceless! I’m completely open on location, we could do our home which is 2 acres of a beautifully wooded / creek area with lots of neighborhood trails, gorgeous in late spring/summer time, or my parents to capture my son riding his atv, I know any location you will capture the reflection of the love and fun of our family and the growth of our son. Your style is unique itself and just shooting with you one day would be pure pleasure!

  • Briana - I LOVE your photographs! You did a session for my sister a couple months back and they are just beautiful. We currently have a 3 year old with another one on the way, and have never had any professional photos of all three of us together. I would love to have some family photos that show cased this very special time in our lives. My perfect setting would probably be Lake Chelan! I grew up there, met my husband there 11 years ago, and we’ve been crazy about it ever since! Anything outside showing the mountains, or the water would be gorgeous! I’d love to see candid shots of our family highlighting how much joy our little stinker brings to our lives. She is such a funny little rascal and is changing so fast it would be wonderful to capture these moments while we can. Thanks! Bree

  • Karin Hargrove - I’m thinking a family photo session that includes some wild animals animals. A photo shot that involved the family riding an elephant would be awesome! But I don’t think that is an option around here, so I’m thinking a barn and some farm animals, since you can’t get close enough to those wild zoo animals and because I secretly want to be a farmer. It could provide both a fun backdrop for some family photos and some entertainment for my active little toddler John. This would be a special shoot because there would be cows that go “mooooo” and of course it would be our new little guy, Sam’s big debut.

  • Nona - My perfect setting would be at Greenlake, or one of the local Seattle parks. It would include me and my husband, our 5 year old daughter Sam, and our 7 month old daugther Ruby. We adopted Ruby when she was born, and we haven’t had a chance to have family portraits done yet. I would love to capture some beautiful family shots – but not the traditional “JC Penney” sit down portraits. I like candid shots, and unusual angles. I would love pictures of my girls playing together, one of all of us holding hands, or even just a fun shot of all of our bare feet lined up.

    Thank you for holding this contest! I hope I win!

  • Marselais - First of all, congrats on reaching 400 fans! 😀

    My dream photo shoot would occur during the summer; anytime between the end of May and the beginning of August. The timing is important because that’s when my other children will be here.

    I dated an amazingly wonderful man for 3 years, and he recently became my husband on the 27th of February. He was previously married and from that union came 2 fantastic children (Kaylah-9 and TJ-6). Because his children live so far away (Oklahoma) and our financial situation, they were not able to attend the wedding.

    This summer will be the first visit with us as a complete family. Being able to document our blended family (my son Savaughn, and with Kaylah, TJ, and my husband and I) with one of your outstanding photo sessions would mean the world to our family.

  • Joslyn - hubby, brother, sis-in-law, mom & dad. Somewhere casual, that’s who we are. Probably a little bit of country and little bit of city, and a lotta bit of Italian. I could see this going many ways: big city buildings, plus cowboy boots, hats and Carhartt…or Grandma’s back yard by the fire place and pond, bocce ball court in lower yard and big giant bowls of pasta. I live by inspiration, creativity and diversity. It is the spice of life you know, although garlic runs a close second for me.
    Love your work Aly

  • Amy - the beach. might be a bit cliche but I have always wanted some amazing silhouette type images captured at sunset. Also I love the reflective quality of wet sand and I would love some pictures of all of our footprints (me, hubby and toddler) in the sand. I love anything very abstract or artistic as well and would really love for you to take an avant guarde look at a typical family shoot and just have fun! A modern setting would also really appeal to me.

  • Sara Kane - Ok…here goes, I’ll try to hold back the tears! My dream shoot would be with my daughter Riley Kathryn and her 92 year old Great Grandmother Kathryn Sabina (FYI Grandma has more Facebook friends than me!) . I’ve always wanted a daughter and knew that I would name her after my Grandma, who is such a wonderful woman! We grew up very close to her and with my parents being divorced and my Mom living 3 hours away, she was always there for me. I know that my Grandma has helped make me the person I am today and I hope that I can pass that on to my sweet daughter, Riley. I really want my daughter to know how much love she has given me and how much love she has for her (I’m her only Granddaughter). My ideal shoot would be at Ohme Gardens in Wenatchee (I know it’s far!). My Grandparents used to take me there when I was younger and this is where Tony and I got married, so it holds a special place in my heart. There are beautiful reflection pools and many great areas for shots. I know that you could capture the love that my Grandmother has for both Riley and I. She loves the pictures that you have taken for our family.

    As an added bonus, you could finally take Henry to Chelan! Not too far 🙂

  • Jill - Ah–a dream photo shoot with Aly would include my beatiful daughter and Jeremy. To me, the best thing about photo shoots with Aly is her ability to capture REAL expressions and personality. 🙂

  • Sherri - My dream shoot would be to capture some natural outdoor shots near the river in Plain, WA (near Leavenworth) of our immediate family and some special shots of my husband and grandson, possibly fishing something like …. The River Runs Through It? We’ve planned a getaway in mid-May that’s a surprise for my husband’s birthday. Our son is coming all the way from Australia to be part of the surprise and it would be very special to capture this special family time together.

  • April - My goodness, where to start. I have so many ideas that run through my head whenever I look at photography blogs that it is hard to pinpoint exactly what I want! First it would have to include all my family. Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister, Bro-in-law and 3 nieces, myself, husband, and our three children. Probably somewhere outside, we are on the east side of the state, so I am not sure which side of the mountain we would want to be on. Both have such beautiful places it will be hard to choose! Perhaps near a barn or some railroad tracks, some photos will have to include coffee since it has pretty much replaced the blood in our family! I am so excited!!! Thank you for putting on this giveaway!

  • kristin neudorfer - noelle is turning one in less than three months and my petit dream is to capture her right before her birthday with me and my husband. we survived the first year and i would love to have a professional document her playful happiness because i just can’t seem to do it. i would love for it to be outside with bubbles and water. it may not sound super spectacular, but we’re pretty proud of how far we’ve come!

  • Rachel Jones - Hmm.. If i win, i would definitely want retro/vintage photos taken. I have a few awesome retro dresses and this would be a terrific excuse to buy some more! My husband would love it if some of those included his mopeds and vintage cars. Very Hipster. Besides, i just love photography, especially of me and my husband. I am so sentimental!

  • Cassie Taylor - I would love to do a vintage look at a farm!

    Oh wait.

    Okay, second favorite idea.

    I’d love to do boudoir photos with vintage makeup and lingerie. Maybe in an older, classier hotel. Something with a bit of funk, but not sleazy. I’m thinking lots of black and white, Hurrell lighting, smokey eyes, red lipstick, corset lingerie, garters, stockings, the whole works.

    What would make this so special to me is actually having the body to want to do this. After breaking my back, gaining weight, and having a bunch of health problems, I think this week I’ve finally got some answers that are going to make a difference and allow me to lose weight by July to do the mini triathlon I’m signed up for. I’d love to do this right before my wedding, be in great shape, and have it be a surprise for Matt.

    It’s not just for Matt though. It’s actually not really for him at all. It’s more about me transforming my body and my health such that I would even strip down in front of you or anyone else. Even if all my bits were covered.

    I know I’ll never be a size 2. But the weight I want to lose would put me at about a 10 and this would be just as much about making peace with my body, and learning to love it in all it’s phases. It would also be about just letting myself be wild, getting all dressed up just to feel good in my own skin, putting my make up and beautiful things on just because it’s fun. I don’t feel like I’ve had fun in my body since before my accident.

    I’ve never really experienced myself as beautiful. I think I’m alright to look at, and I know I can dress up alright and be cute and children don’t run from me. But I’ve never really seen myself, as an image, back from my body, and thought I was beautiful. I don’t actually think I’ve seen it, like from a neutral parties eyes, because my eyes are foggy with judgments and critiques. I’d love to see images of myself, objectified (but not exploited), looking how I actually feel inside. I think it would be a whole new level of healing for my body image.

    I know that’s rather disjointed, but I hope it makes some sense.

    Now, back to regularly scheduled life.