Happy Holidays! The Rao Family

I absolutely love the Raos. My first shoot with the Rao family was in 2007, when Ben was just a wee one. (Pictures of that shoot here) Now the family has a new member: Jacob! Mr. Jacob is just absolutely delicious. He’s four-months old and covered in chubby baby rolls.

We intended for this shoot to take place at a park near their home, but it was FREEZING. I think we took less than 20 shots before deciding to head indoors to keep the little ones (and big people!) warm and happy.

Pure comedy:

Back at the house, Mr. Ben let his true colors show. Such an adorable little guy.

This is a perfect example of what to put a baby in for photos: a solid, rich color with plenty of yummy texture. Lovely!

Love this shot of Joe.

Watch what finger you use there, Ben!

Thanks, you guys! As always, it was such a pleasure!

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