The Both Family – Giveaway Winners!

Maegan was the winner of my portrait giveaway back in July, and we finally got around to their session yesterday. Their daughter, Bridget, is 2.5 and not fond of the camera. Despite her protests, we managed to have a really good time and get some great images in the process. Enjoy!

I could eat this picture alive I love it so much.

Camera shy.

To try and get Bridget warmed up to the camera, I took pictures of her mom to prove that it didn’t hurt. The adorable Miss Maegan was more than willing to participate:

For some reason I just love this shot. Maybe it’s the in-between look on both of their faces, or the fact that neither of them are posing at all.

I’m pretty smitten with this one, too.

Did we really get a family photo?? I think we did!


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