Adorable! Baby Luke

I met Cindy and Paul about a year ago when I did the first session in their Soulful Beginnings Package (maternity + newborn collection). Baby Luke is now 9-months old, and we finally got around to his “newborn” session! As you can see, he is one gorgeous baby. His eyes just killed me! And his parents? Well, they’re the type of people who feel like you’ve been friends with them forever, even though you’ve only met once. Spending time in Cindy and Paul’s presence is refreshing and lighthearted. Enjoy!

ETA: As I was finishing this blog post I received the nicest note from Cindy:
OH MY GOODNESS!! Aly, YOU ARE AMAZING!!! I don’t even know where to begin to narrow down these photos. I just went through the slide show and I have tears just streaming down my face. These are so good!! And wow!! Luke just looks wonderful…are you sure this is our little one?? I know he is cute and all but wow…and no difference between the B&W or the color. He was so photogenic yesterday, obviously, and thanks you your magic…amazing! You are incredibly, phenomenal, amazing…I can’t come up with enough words.

Cindy, Paul, Luke & Diva

And just for fun, baby push-ups! Great form, Luke!

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