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Edmonds Beach Maternity Photos

The amount of maternity photos I’ve been taken lately makes me SO excited for the tidal wave of newborns coming my way.  September and October will be so busy with newborn shoots and I really can’t wait.  Michele and Eric are first-time clients of mine and I loved getting to know them over the course of their maternity session at Edmonds Beach.  Michele has incredible style and her outfit changes were so fun.  Enjoy these!


01-edmonds-beach-maternity-photosLove the expression here:02-edmonds-beach-maternity-photos03-edmonds-beach-maternity-photos04-edmonds-beach-maternity-photosFavorite:05-edmonds-beach-maternity-photos06-edmonds-beach-maternity-photosHow perfect is outfit #2? 07-edmonds-beach-maternity-photosAdore both of these shots.08-edmonds-beach-maternity-photos09-edmonds-beach-maternity-photosFavorite:10-edmonds-beach-maternity-photosCapping the session off with one last gorgeous sunset silhouette. 11-edmonds-beach-maternity-photos

  • Marlene Diehl - Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  • Tes Strunk - How beautiful. Thank you for including me. :-)

  • Michele Weinman Emme - Thanks Ally! Looking forward to our next round with our little addition!!

  • Amy Sadler-Weurdig - Fabulous! So very happy for your family and the new addition!

  • Marnie Chinn - Super cute!

  • Kimberley Scott - You are so beautiful. Excited for your new chapter to unfold for your family. I can feel the love in you smiles. xoxoxo

Bellevue Botanical Gardens Family Portraits

How is little Tetsu one already?!  These kiddos I photograph seem to grow so crazy fast!  Before you know it you’ll be seeing his 18-month photos here on the blog!  In the meantime, enjoy the ridiculous cuteness that is Tetsuya at one year old.


01-bellevue-botanical-gardens-family-portraits02-bellevue-botanical-gardens-family-portraitsFavorites:03-bellevue-botanical-gardens-family-portraitsLook at that serious face!04-bellevue-botanical-gardens-family-portraits05-bellevue-botanical-gardens-family-portraits06-bellevue-botanical-gardens-family-portraits07-bellevue-botanical-gardens-family-portraits08-bellevue-botanical-gardens-family-portraitsFavorite:09-bellevue-botanical-gardens-family-portraits10-bellevue-botanical-gardens-family-portraitsLove these shots with Bethany.11-bellevue-botanical-gardens-family-portraits12-bellevue-botanical-gardens-family-portraits


Magnuson Park Maternity Photos


Almost two years ago exactly Serena and Nathaniel were married at the Robinswood House in Bellevue.  It was such a beautiful, intimate wedding.  I was really excited when I heard from Serena that they were expecting a baby boy and that they wanted me to capture his first year.  We got together at Magnuson Park for some late summer evening maternity photos and had a wonderful time.  Enjoy these, and stay tuned for photos of their baby boy!

01-magnuson-park-maternity-photosFavorite:02-magnuson-park-maternity-photos03-magnuson-park-maternity-photos04-magnuson-park-maternity-photos05-magnuson-park-maternity-photosFavorite:06-magnuson-park-maternity-photosSerena is so beautiful, yes?07-magnuson-park-maternity-photos08-magnuson-park-maternity-photos


Bella Luna Farms Family Portraits


So first I photographed Elizabeth and Phil when they were expecting baby Samuel.  Then I got to photograph them again when baby Samuel was in the world.  And this time I got to photograph them when Samuel turned ONE!  How could I not count myself as one of the luckiest photographers around?  I love everything about Bella Luna Farms, but these three are at the top of my list.  Enjoy!


01-bella-luna-farms-family-portraits03-bella-luna-farms-family-portraitsFavorite:04-bella-luna-farms-family-portraits06-bella-luna-farms-family-portraits05-bella-luna-farms-family-portraitsLove these two:07-bella-luna-farms-family-portraits08-bella-luna-farms-family-portraitsSo Samuel has a thing for Stinky, the miniature donkey at Bella Luna Farms.  I think it’s a fascination/kind of scary thing.  I loved watching the two of them check each other out.09-bella-luna-farms-family-portraitsBig smiles with Dad!10-bella-luna-farms-family-portraitsFavorites:11-bella-luna-farms-family-portraits12-bella-luna-farms-family-portraits13-bella-luna-farms-family-portraits


Carkeek Park Sunset Maternity Photos

Katie and Travis were married in 2009 at the original MOHAI location.  (Photos here!)  Hard to believe they’re now expecting their own little one.  I feel so lucky to be able to photograph their maternity and newborn photos!  Oh, how I can’t wait to set eyes on their baby!  We had a gorgeous sunset shoot at Carkeek Park in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle.  Perfect light, perfect subjects, perfect night.  Enjoy!

Right: favorite.

01-carkeek-park-maternity-photos03-carkeek-park-maternity-photos02-carkeek-park-maternity-photos10-carkeek-park-maternity-photos11-carkeek-park-maternity-photos08-carkeek-park-maternity-photos09-carkeek-park-maternity-photos07-carkeek-park-maternity-photosHow do you beat this?06-carkeek-park-maternity-photos05-carkeek-park-maternity-photos04-carkeek-park-maternity-photos13-carkeek-park-maternity-photos12-carkeek-park-maternity-photos