Kemper is One – Everett Train Station Portraits

Everett Train Station Portraits

Kemper is one!  I can’t even believe it.  His mom, Tiffany, was my maid-of-honor wayyyy back in 2005 when Ben and I got married.  It’s been such an honor to photograph both Kemper and his older sister Peyton on their first birthdays.  Enjoy this shoot at the Everett Train Station!


storyboard001storyboard002Big sister Peyton is such a beauty.  Smart as a whip, too!storyboard003Favorite:storyboard004Right: favorite.storyboard005storyboard006Favorite:storyboard007Someone knows how to pose!storyboard008storyboard009storyboard010storyboard011


Sweet Newborn Owen – Seattle In-Home Newborn Photography

Seattle In-Home Newborn Photography


My love of newborn photography is neverending.  What about hanging out with this sweet little nugget could be bad?  Nothing.  Baby Owen was a delicious little squish of a guy, and so much fun to work with.  Photographing newborns in their own homes offers so much comfort and ease to brand new parents.  No driving to a studio, no worrying about trying to feed their new baby in a foreign environment or being away from the comforts of home.  I love providing this service to my families and am so grateful to each and every family who has invited me into their home and their lives to photograph their precious baby.  With a heart full of gratitude, enjoy.


Favorite:storyboard001storyboard014Favorite.  Beautiful, beautiful family.storyboard013Owen was far from being a grumpy baby, but I absolutely adore this expression.  Like a little old man!storyboard011Favorite:storyboard010storyboard009storyboard008storyboard007Favorite:storyboard006storyboard005storyboard004Awake and peaceful.  I’ll take it!  Look at those eyes!storyboard003storyboard002


Adorable! Baby Emerson – Olympic Sculpture Park Indoor Portraits

Olympic Sculpture Park Indoor Portraits


This is my second photo shoot with sweet baby Emerson.  I photographed her as a newborn and now here she is, sitting and smiling!  Such an expressive, charming baby.  Wonderful also to see her big sister Audrey (and parents, too!).  Enjoy these indoor portraits.  We were so grateful to have a perfect indoor location on such a rainy day.


Favorite:storyboard005storyboard006storyboard007storyboard008Adorable girls.storyboard009Favorite:storyboard010storyboard011storyboard012storyboard013Favorites:storyboard014I love this shot of Audrey. storyboard015storyboard016Favorite:storyboard017


Engaged! Bri + Travis – JM Cellars Woodinville Engagement Photos

JM Cellars Woodinville Engagement Photos

I met Bri and Travis through one of our favorite couples, Rachel and Matt.  Bri helped coordinate their wedding!  Now it’s her turn to marry her sweetheart Travis in the snow at Suncadia!  JM Cellars rolled out the red carpet for these two (they go way back!) and we had amazing access to their library, barrel room and grounds.  It was an incredible experience and basically a photographer’s playground.  Add in two gorgeous models, and, well… see for yourself.  Enjoy!

01-jmcellarsengagementphotosFavorite:02-jmcellarsengagementphotos03-jmcellarsengagementphotos04-jmcellarsengagementphotosFavorite:05-jmcellarsengagementphotos06-jmcellarsengagementphotosI may or may not have almost lost a boot during the taking of this photo. 07-jmcellarsengagementphotos08-jmcellarsengagementphotos09-jmcellarsengagementphotos10-jmcellarsengagementphotos11-jmcellarsengagementphotosFavorite:12-jmcellarsengagementphotos13-jmcellarsengagementphotosWine!14-jmcellarsengagementphotos15-jmcellarsengagementphotos

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