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They say Thanksgiving is the time for gratitude.  It’s not that I disagree, necessarily, but I seem to find myself overwhelmed with thanks at the end of the year.  Looking back at the 364 days behind me it’s always impossible not to become overwhelmed with feelings of thanks and joy as I think about all of the folks who I have had the pleasure of interacting with through La Luz Photography.  This business of mine has grown tremendously over the past 9.5 years (!!) and it’s really unbelievable how much my life has changed as a result of all of the beautiful people I’ve met and photographed over the years.

2014 was a banner year for La Luz.  Not only did I photograph more of you than any year in the past, I also formed the most genuine relationships and made the most friends (much more important than the influence on my books, in my opinion) than any other year.  I can think of no better mark of success.

So, to each of you that brought me your baby, your belly, your engagement ring, your wedding ceremony, your bouncy toddler or entire family, I say a heartfelt thank you.  Thank you for believing in me and trusting in me to capture your memories.  Thank  you for spending time with me at a park, in your living room or even at the beach at sunset.  Thanks for laughing with me and being patient while I changed lenses.  Thank you for your gushing compliments when you received your images (they do truly make my day) and thank you for believing in investing in professional quality prints and products.  And to those who have been with me over the years…well, I hardly have the words.  You know how much you mean to me.  When you email me year after year my heart swells in a way I can’t describe.  It’s a compliment unlike any other and never, for one second do I take it for granted.  I know you have options out there and the fact that you continue to choose me is an honor that fills me with warmth.

From the Medina family to you, happy 2014 and bring on a glorious 2015.

Here’s a look back at 2014 with, yes, just one frame, from every session shoot.  Enjoy!



Bothell Landing Family Photography


I am lucky to be photographing this sweet little lady’s first year of life.  Last time I saw her she was just a wee 5 lb baby, and now look at her!  Sitting up and giving the biggest grins!  This family is so great.  Their love for each other just emanates through their photos.  See you guys in 6 months!01-bothell-landing-family-photos02-bothell-landing-family-photosRight: favorite.03-bothell-landing-family-photos04-bothell-landing-family-photosOh, Paige!  Favorite.05-bothell-landing-family-photos06-bothell-landing-family-photos07-bothell-landing-family-photos08-bothell-landing-family-photos09-bothell-landing-family-photos10-bothell-landing-family-photosThis is the one I’d have huge in my house. 11-bothell-landing-family-photos