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It’s almost embarrassing to note how long it’s been since I’ve blogged, so…I won’t.  La Luz is doing tremendously well, and she’s definitely been going through a metamorphosis over the past year or so.

The most major part of our change is that we have retired from weddings.  It’s still surreal to think that after ten years dedicated to reassuring nervous brides, crying along guests during toasts and waving emphatically as the limos left the venue that we will no longer be a part of that scene.  But, it’s time.  And as bittersweet as it is to say goodbye, we never say never and can’t promise you that you won’t see another gorgeous soiree grace this blog.

Another new avenue that I am now pursuing as an artist is…INTERIORS!  Oh, this is so exciting you guys.  I don’t know if you love interior design as much as I do, but partnering with some of the best design talent in Seattle to photograph their work has been dreamy.  I hope to do a lot more editorial interior photography in the future, to round out my (very full) newborn and portrait business.

Lastly, look forward to an entire new identity for La Luz coming in early 2016.  This business has changed, and so will its look and feel, which makes me feel all sparkly inside.  Who doesn’t love shedding the old and embracing the new?  I’m all about it and can’t wait to share my new look with you in March.

You might be asking “Okay, but what have you been up to lately?”  Good question.

LOVE.  SO MUCH love.  See for yourself.  And then, please, let me see you in front of my lens soon.



  • Manderley Design Co. - That little bean in the fox hat! And that super serious couple under those portraits…well, all of it. Love all of it.

Suncadia Winter Wedding

01-suncadia-winter-weddingVenue:  Swiftwater Cellars at Suncadia Resort

Makeup Artist:  Off White Makeup and Beauty

Gown Boutique:  The Dress Theory

Dress Designer:  Modern Trosseau

Jeweler:  Menashe Jewelers

DJ:  Lucky 7 DJ

Cake Artist:  Cake Chic Studio

Florist: Wedding Events & Parties

Photographer:  La Luz Photography


I was introduced to Bri and Travis by another one of my gorgeous couples, Rachel and Matt, and oh, I feel so lucky.  This couple was so fun to work with and their wedding was chock-full of style, glitz, glamor and grace.  I was in (chilly) heaven.  While Bri anticipated a snowy wedding (hello – January in Cle Elum), the weather had other plans.  Bri wasn’t phased in the slightest and the day went off without a hitch (gorgeously, I might add).  I’m so excited to share these images with you.  Enjoy!

02-suncadia-winter-wedding03-suncadia-winter-wedding04-suncadia-winter-wedding05-suncadia-winter-weddingCheck the bling.  Yeah. 06-suncadia-winter-wedding07-suncadia-winter-weddingFavorite:08-suncadia-winter-weddingLook at the adoring faces of the bridesmaids watching in the background.09-suncadia-winter-wedding10-suncadia-winter-wedding11-suncadia-winter-weddingLove Bri’s mom’s face in this shot.12-suncadia-winter-wedding13-suncadia-winter-weddingThe guys, so dapper in their cardigans.15-suncadia-winter-wedding16-suncadia-winter-wedding17-suncadia-winter-wedding14-suncadia-winter-weddingTravis has the best laugh.18-suncadia-winter-weddingTime for the first look, but how could I resist these?  And how amazing is that bouquet?!19-suncadia-winter-wedding20-suncadia-winter-wedding21-suncadia-winter-weddingFavorite.  Maybe of the day.22-suncadia-winter-weddingBri wore an antique fur of her grandmothers and it was just so, so stunning.  Here she is presenting Travis with a locket containing a picture of his mother. Such a sweet, touching gesture.23-suncadia-winter-weddingShe was with him the whole day.24-suncadia-winter-wedding25-suncadia-winter-wedding26-suncadia-winter-wedding27-suncadia-winter-wedding28-suncadia-winter-wedding29-suncadia-winter-weddingWe found a frozen lake and I was in heaven.  So wintry and lovely, and how gorgeous with Bri’s fur and Travis’ cardigan? 30-suncadia-winter-wedding31-suncadia-winter-wedding32-suncadia-winter-wedding33-suncadia-winter-wedding34-suncadia-winter-weddingBri gave her girls the fur neck wraps which were so warm and cozy with their glitzy dresses.  It all just worked.  That’s Bri, for you.35-suncadia-winter-wedding36-suncadia-winter-wedding37-suncadia-winter-wedding38-suncadia-winter-wedding39-suncadia-winter-wedding40-suncadia-winter-wedding41-suncadia-winter-weddingTime for the I Do’s. 42-suncadia-winter-weddingThe backdrop was spectacular, the vows were perfect, and they were married by a dear friend.  Perfect trifecta.43-suncadia-winter-wedding44-suncadia-winter-weddingFavorite:45-suncadia-winter-wedding46-suncadia-winter-wedding47-suncadia-winter-wedding48-suncadia-winter-wedding49-suncadia-winter-weddingSuch joy.50-suncadia-winter-weddingImmediately following the ceremony we had a few minutes to play in the barrel room.  I loved it there.51-suncadia-winter-weddingFavorite:52-suncadia-winter-wedding53-suncadia-winter-weddingThe reception was opulent and rustic – the perfect combination.  The favors were candles, made by hand by Bri, Travis and their family and friends from wine bottles!  Ben and I felt like we won the jackpot when we found out there were two with our names on them!54-suncadia-winter-wedding55-suncadia-winter-wedding56-suncadia-winter-wedding57-suncadia-winter-wedding58-suncadia-winter-wedding59-suncadia-winter-wedding60-suncadia-winter-wedding61-suncadia-winter-wedding62-suncadia-winter-wedding63-suncadia-winter-wedding64-suncadia-winter-wedding65-suncadia-winter-wedding66-suncadia-winter-wedding67-suncadia-winter-wedding68-suncadia-winter-wedding69-suncadia-winter-weddingOne of my favorite first dances.70-suncadia-winter-wedding71-suncadia-winter-weddingFavorite x2.72-suncadia-winter-weddingFavorite x100.73-suncadia-winter-weddingAn emotional dance with dad.74-suncadia-winter-weddingA sweet dance with sister.75-suncadia-winter-weddingAnd then that sister dance turned into an all-around sibling dance.76-suncadia-winter-wedding77-suncadia-winter-weddingThe gorgeous couple who introduced us to Bri and Travis!  Thanks, Rachel and Matt!  We love you guys!78-suncadia-winter-wedding79-suncadia-winter-wedding80-suncadia-winter-wedding81-suncadia-winter-wedding82-suncadia-winter-wedding83-suncadia-winter-wedding84-suncadia-winter-wedding85-suncadia-winter-wedding86-suncadia-winter-wedding87-suncadia-winter-wedding88-suncadia-winter-weddingA little late-night hot dog action.89-suncadia-winter-wedding90-suncadia-winter-weddingSister hug.91-suncadia-winter-wedding92-suncadia-winter-weddingAnd then it was time to bid adieu to our beautiful couple as they jetted off for an adventurous safari honeymoon.  Lucky ducks.93-suncadia-winter-wedding94-suncadia-winter-wedding95-suncadia-winter-wedding96-suncadia-winter-wedding

  • Bri Marie - Aly, I couldn’t love these photos any more than I do. You captured everything so beautifully and it feels like reliving my amazing day over and over when I look at them. Can’t wait to have them up on every wall in the house :)

  • Lanyding - Your wedding dresses is so gorgeous and exquisite. Thank you for sharing.

They say Thanksgiving is the time for gratitude.  It’s not that I disagree, necessarily, but I seem to find myself overwhelmed with thanks at the end of the year.  Looking back at the 364 days behind me it’s always impossible not to become overwhelmed with feelings of thanks and joy as I think about all of the folks who I have had the pleasure of interacting with through La Luz Photography.  This business of mine has grown tremendously over the past 9.5 years (!!) and it’s really unbelievable how much my life has changed as a result of all of the beautiful people I’ve met and photographed over the years.

2014 was a banner year for La Luz.  Not only did I photograph more of you than any year in the past, I also formed the most genuine relationships and made the most friends (much more important than the influence on my books, in my opinion) than any other year.  I can think of no better mark of success.

So, to each of you that brought me your baby, your belly, your engagement ring, your wedding ceremony, your bouncy toddler or entire family, I say a heartfelt thank you.  Thank you for believing in me and trusting in me to capture your memories.  Thank  you for spending time with me at a park, in your living room or even at the beach at sunset.  Thanks for laughing with me and being patient while I changed lenses.  Thank you for your gushing compliments when you received your images (they do truly make my day) and thank you for believing in investing in professional quality prints and products.  And to those who have been with me over the years…well, I hardly have the words.  You know how much you mean to me.  When you email me year after year my heart swells in a way I can’t describe.  It’s a compliment unlike any other and never, for one second do I take it for granted.  I know you have options out there and the fact that you continue to choose me is an honor that fills me with warmth.

From the Medina family to you, happy 2014 and bring on a glorious 2015.

Here’s a look back at 2014 with, yes, just one frame, from every session shoot.  Enjoy!